10 Types of Relatives You Would Meet at Indian Weddings

An Indian wedding is celebrated in very pompous and commemorative way so that the event can be cherished forever. It has everything that shows amazing diversity. You can see amazing diversity not only in culture and tradition but also types of relatives come to wedding functions. Where there is a Shaadi, there are rishtedaars! You cannot imagine an Indian wedding without relatives or rishtedaars. Love them or not, they are vital parts of Indian weddings. No matter how annoying and irritating they are, rishtedaars at Shaadi are hilariously entertaining as well. To keep you guarded, here are 10 types of relatives you would meet on your wedding ceremonies.

Aloknath Uncle:
Aloknath uncle does not need introduction. His nickname is Sanskaari Uncle. He is a religious person and loves Pooja Paath. He believes in following all the rituals and rites religiously. As expected, you should never forget to touch his feet. When it comes to the rituals and traditions, don’t try to ignore his words. Consider his words as “Patthar Ki Lakeer”. Don’t give him a single chance to complain, he may give. If you will be succeed to impress him, you will get “Dil Se Aashirwad”.


Critic Aunty:
Meet your critic aunty. She is one who will criticize you on everything and anything you do. Finding faults in everything is her main task to do. You may get so many complains and comments such as Meri to koi value hi nahi yahan, Mujhe to koi puchhta hi nahin, Dekho us ladkhi to kitni besharm hai ladko se kitni hans hans ke baatein kar rahi hai, and Dekho us ladke mein ko Sanskaar naam ki koi cheej hi nahin hai. You may also have some underhanded comments like Khaana bahut hi accha tha bas Kadahi paneer mein namak thoda kam tha, and Dulhan ki dress to bahut acchhi thi bas dupatta ka color kuch janch nahi raha tha. Treat such rishtedaars like a pinch of salt. After all, Bura Na Maano, Shaadi Hai!


Fussy Aunty:
Meet you fussy aunty. She is one who comes to your wedding with her own set of never-ending “Nakhras”. She is very attentive to and concerned about accuracy and detail. She is fastidious about her own needs and requirements. She is hard to please. She demands mineral water. She wants her chair neat and clean. She wants her food to be hot not too spicy. She gives cold looks on those persons who are wearing unbranded clothes. She wants special treatment in the perfect way.


Matchmaking Bua Ji:
Meet your Matchmaking Bua Ji. She is “Aur baccho shaadi kab kar rahe ho” type woman. Her only agenda is to get all the children of the family married. “Meri ek saheli shaadi ke liye ek ladkha dundh rahi. Ladki bahut hi sundar aur shusheel hai. Apne Babloo ke liye kaisi rahegi Bhabhi.” It seems, she is attending the wedding only to get at least one Ristha Fixed.


Advisor Uncle:
Meet your  Advisor cum Wedding Planner Uncle. From finalizing the wedding venue to making arrangements of various wedding vendors, selecting invitation card, and finalizing food menu; he will work as if he were your wedding planner. Love it or not, he will have advises ready to be given in bulk. He may refuse to listen to you, but you cannot. If you don’t want to create any scene or drama on your wedding celebrations then you should never refuse to listen to them. Listen your Advisor Uncle giving him full respect, and do what your heart says. No matter what you do or will do, he just wants you listen to him.


Disco Deewane:
Disco Deewane rishtedaars will be more excited for your wedding than you. They love music and dance however they don’t know even a simple dance step. They may start dancing when the music starts. They will not like to leave a chance to show offer their hilarious dance moves. They will pull hands of other people to dance. They will be the first to get on the dance floor and last one to leave. Khair, Shaadi hai to dance aur masti toh hogi na!


Naagin Dance Uncle:
Meet your Naagin Dance Uncle. He is one who will give you loads of entertainments with his Naagin Dance Moves. Alcohol ke 3 pags marte hi, a certain Naagin enters in his body. Thereafter, you will see amazing and hilarious dance moves. Just you need to consider it – Bura Na Maano Shaadi Hai!


Freeloaders can be also seen on Indian weddings. They may neither come from the bride side nor the groom side but from the food side. They just come on weddings to enjoy kadahi panner, lachchha parantha, butter chicken, and biryani. Some freeloaders can be relatives who come on your wedding a week early and go after a week of the wedding. Such rishtedaars come on your weddings to take advantages of your wedding arrangements. They love to be in limelight giving opinions on everything and showing their importance.


Selfie Lovers:
Selfie lovers can be seen on Indian weddings. They may be your cousins, friends, or relatives. They keep the front camera of the smartphones always open. They can be seen clicking their photographs in various postures and locations. And of course, they don’t forget to share these snaps on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.


Cool Cousin:
You will never like to miss your cool cousin on your weeding. After all, he/she is the one you have adored since your childhood days. He/she is your hero, idol, inspiration and one of best friends.


Indian wedding is full of entertainment, emotions, happiness and loads of love. In such as a wonderful Indian wedding celebration, such rishtedaars never hurt anyone. Just don’t take it seriously. Akhir, apne to apne hote hai.

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