10 Wedding Entertainment Trends in 2018

Wedding is a much cherished occasion of every couple. The wedding couple always aims to make their wedding day the superior of all and most memorable one. With the immense expansion of creativity in the field of entertainment, it is not that difficult to make your envision of wedding perfect one convert into a reality.

Wedding has its uniqueness in its celebration from engagement to closure ceremony of the wedding. It is evident and practical fact that a great entertainment starts with welcoming the guests. They are greeted with amazing and magical tricks, moving objects and friendly words. Again, an attractive centerpiece place at the centre can attract the attention of guests.

The centerpiece can be a distinct waterfall, natural plants, bowl filled with seashells, floating candle or bright colored flowers. A pretty looking “Wedding Cake” too is a wonderful way of attracting the attention of guests.

All you need is hard efforts to choose the best service provider who can assist your ideas while offering your dream wedding to come true experience indeed.

Here are top ten new and innovative wedding entertainment trends

Live Wedding Music

 It is without a doubt the most in-demand entertainment option loved by the couples in their wedding. It’s something that is never out of date, though musicians’ style definitely varies over the years. Your wedding planner may foresee the number of roaming bands that is very widely common practiced and continued to increase. Mobile DJ’s music can be hired, who moves to entertain the guest, by playing the favorite tracks of the guests.

We also foresee eccentric musical options that are not traditionally seen as being naturally suited to weddings. It includes Beatboxers, and Bandaoke bands to be on the top wish list of trendy young couples in 2018 /19. With this it is clearly witnessed that couples of new generation are changing their tastes and preferences. Thus, getting ahead from usual celebration through the wedding music and creating a innovative move in a wonderful way for wonderful memory.

Interactive Activities

Massive and different types of entertainment makes regular wedding most attractive one for years long. We expect every guest to be part of your wedding thus; we take pleasure in practicing various events type for getting everyone involved in the entertainment. There are new and interactive activities added in our list which will leave your wedding memories as best entertainment in wedding 2018 and 19. To assemble these attractions you are just expected to book them for their weddings in 2018. These includes games like Interactive Giant Floor Pianos, Fascinating Sound System, Virtual Reality Games, Digital Hastag Projection Walls, Interactive Graffiti Walls and many more yet to name. This, these type of group activities will also, aid to an opportunity to mix with each other while playing.

Games and Entertainments for Children

Most of parents skip their children to accompany them in any wedding as they feel reluctant to make them feel good and best taken care of. Also, children who visit to the wedding feel boredom in regular wedding tacks hence, feeling this point very closely we have come up with various entertainments ideas for children. Entertaining children with games of snakes & ladders, twister or bouncy castles will amuse them a lot. They will enjoy playing variety of games with their sizable kids. Other option for their amusement includes like clown, balloon, bubble, magical and puppet shows that are centered shows to entertain the children. Thus, table quiz and games will keep the children away from doing lot of running around.

Pop Up With Beauty Bars

Some more activities that involve interaction will continue to be clear trends in 2018 and 19 services such as bang up Beauty Bars. These services offer the opportunity for dazzling attire and matching makeover for a unique selfie are popular among event organizers. Your wedding planner will book these beauty bars for your wedding to mark it with big success and memorable one. Also, couples do appreciate and interested offering a treat to their guests as a personal gift.

Lash Mob Dancers and Surprise Singing Waiters

This is very trendy and different ideas for entertainment in wedding for 2018 and 19 for hiring comedy waiters. They offer not only the table service, but also, hand out to entertain the different types of guest. Lash Mob Dancers and Surprise Singing Waiters are also in the list of our wedding entertainment predictions for 2018. These performers are specialized in bespoke choreographies offer a show that is as unique as the couple themselves.

Pop up Bars and Fresh Food Vendors

Today couples are fond of new and unmarked ways to surprise and delight their guests thus, pop up bars and fresh food vendors will also becoming trendy. The percentage of pop up venues hired for weddings have experienced a sharp increase in demand for weddings. We forecast a significant growth in demand for novel and exciting ways to not only entertain but to feed hungry guests. This is not only to make your wedding day to be special day and unforgettable but also, amuse the guest with lip smacking food junction.

Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas

The rise of social networks has made technology play an essential role in entertainment. Some very interesting and unique entertainment services include 3 D Chocolate Carves or Print Yourself In 3D are at its boom. Wedding guests always love sharing moments and sharing pictures, which this makes services like Photo booths are very popular. These days more and more couples are planning to hire these bespoke services to provide a unique personalized gift to remember their special day with. Thus, offering their wedding to be special one in every respective.

Experiential Activities

Over the coming years, we will see a rise of experiential activities like the World and Cultural acts. They will be popular in coming years while exploring biggest wedding events this year revolved around international themed entertainment. In this series, Japanese themed entertainment is much practiced theme that involves a sumo combat display with some of the best wrestlers in the world, five geishas who welcomed guests to the occasion. Also, posed for photos Taiko Drummers and an Asian parade of acrobats’ jugglers, stilt walkers, jugglers, musicians and dancers are part for best entertainment for wedding 2018 and 19.

Sporting Activities

Other high-profile weddings entertainment in Asia includes synchronized swimmers with flaming torches are widely flourishing. Couples are going to book bespoke shows of such shows that are both visually stunning and involve sporting activities. Such entertainment activities are trendy for 2018 and next year while heading to be always chosen as biggest eve for any wedding.

Fashion Illustrators

Exceptional and innovation loving wedding planners in India would always appreciate to anticipate the continued rapid rise of the Fashion Illustrators. It is evident fact that most of the couples are as fashion conscious looking to share their passion with guests and vice-a-versa. Thus, we follow the trend and aid them to explore fashion to every eve of the wedding.

It is very true phase that the right wedding entertainment can truly make or break the most important day of your life. It is as important that including the venue, the caterer, the photographer, the cake, wedding dress…to be best but choosing for exceptional entertainment from various options can exceed the amusement and memorable time of your wedding.

Additionally, innovative entertainment quality is one of the main things that your guests will remember about your wedding day. So, learn to choose best entertainment affix to your budget only to best every bit of your wedding time.