Destination Weddings in Agra


Getting wedded is the once-in-a lifetime affair which desired to be celebrating in more royal and memorable way by every single couple on the earth. Among many Agra, popularly known as home for Taj Mahal is being admired as a perfect place for the exquisite experience of fairytale marriage. Thus, every year folk of couples reach to the Wedding planner in India to get wedded in the city and collect thousand of memories for their lifelong experiences.

Before detailing about the functioning of Top Destination Wedding Planner in Agra let me tell the history of Agra and why it is widely choose for destination wedding.

Why The Famous Taj Mahal

  • Taj Mahal, the romantic monument in Agra, does not merit any formal introduction! Being recalled as a symbol of love this beautiful and charming monument was made by emperor of Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. Since ages folk of tourists come to witness the beauty of one of the Seven Wonders of the World and feel the spirit of love and affection.
  • Because of it has been bamboozling backpackers for centuries with its unearthly beauty and romantic aura choosing Agra to get wedded by couples is something very evident. It is the only magnificent monument on the planet which is live epitome of love. From the centuries, the monument is believed to be the icon of good luck for the love life. Therefore, it is the most popular Wedding Destinations and the most preferred honeymoon location for the couples in worldwide
  • The history denotes that the monument was made with a motive to showcase the immense love and affection of husband towards his beloved wife. Every stone and piece of the Taj is wrapping up in true love with a pious heart. The monument became masterpiece for taking oath of true love by the couples hence, making it most demanding venue for Destination Wedding in India.

Wedding in Agra

  • Almost every year many Event Management Companies are hired for planning most exotic marriages in the city. The mangers often the come up with lovely theme to present Jaimala ceremony by displaying the Taj in the background. This leaves the couple to feel the same loving environment as it was centuries back.
  • The idea of destination wedding is better executed by the professional Wedding Event Planners in Agra. They will offer the overseas couple to arrange for all the wedding ritual time to time in their required budget only. Thus, being handy collect beautiful memories of their weddings without any hazels

Mughul Theme and Decorations

  • Most of the couples want to follow this Mughul couple to mean their true love for their beloved. Therefore, to pay deep regard for the feeling of would be wedded couple the team of Wedding Decorators designs the theme and decoration of the marriage venue in the Mughul style.
  • To showcase the immense love for their beloved couples asks Top Destination Wedding Companies to design artificial set of Taj monument to their marriage place. Also, they let only the couple to dress up in Mughul costumes but also, family members too thus, to make the history relive for the beauty and the legend.

Platter and Other Attraction

  • Event Management Companies in Agra caters a chain of mouth watering food crusine for the guests. It largely includes Mughalai Thali which is world famous. Apart, you can plan discuss and can finalize the menu you want to include in your dream come marriage.

Your Wedding Planner in Agra will aid your guest to enjoy other attraction of the city. The Agra Fort, Akbar’s tomb, the Jama Masjid, Ram Bagh and the Diwan-i-Khas are some of the hold that alive the thought that why choosing Wedding Destination in Agra is special.