Destination Weddings in Bikaner


India is widely being the first choice of the future life partners to choose for their marriage. Wedding are the most prominent and memorable auspicious occasion of one’s life. It is supported with the thought that that they are made in the heaven and are eminent on the earth. Hence, every single couple on the planet desires for celebrating this concentrated event in most grand and imperial way.

There are several favorable places for the destination wedding but Rajasthan is just exceptional. Yes, Rajasthan, the most dazzling and cultural heritage state of Indian map. The state observes many cities in its geographical boundaries to be remind for Top Destination Wedding but city of Bikaner is just incredible.

If you are looking for extraordinary Wedding Destination in India then visit to Bikaner which is a flourishing and dazzling one as described below-

Grand Hospitality with Royal Services

  • Bikaner is vastly evoked for not only its enriched luxury but it is well known for their magnificent services. Therefore, for carrying the same elegance in your wedding, the Wedding Managers in Bikaner will true in their hospitality for your guest.
  • In case, if you desire for private function with blissful sense of isolation then too Indian Wedding Planners of Bikaner will never compromise for being realistically possible and relatively quieter in selecting venue with a remote quality added to it, just as per your desire.
  • Let it be services like catering, decorations, hospitality, or even theme based wedding planning, thus, your planner will outfit the best tune-up for you. They will stand remarkable with the entire essential to set up a class wedding as for what Rajputs are famous. Hence, Party Planner will ensure a wedding which will leave an ineradicable remembrance in the mind of the couple and their guests.

Artistic Decoration

  • No matter, if you desire for traditional, ultra modern, romantic, fun, formal or casual, theme of your wedding the Top Wedding Planners in India will creates right ambience for the theme you choose to embellish your wedding date.
  • Decoration showcasing the royalty of the city is definitely going to dazzle your guests. From the point of entrance to the wedding stage your Wedding Planners in Bikaner will serve flaunt elegance and royal grandeur.
  • With different dazzling color combination like Red and yellow color that adds aesthetic affluence to the event, Wedding Decorator will display royal look to your marriage premises.
  • From carpet to drapes and wedding throne, everything is decorated artistically envisaging the glimpse of glittering Rajasthan.

Delicious Dishes

As much as Rajasthan is hilarious for its hospitality it is rich in serving tasty bud. So, let’s check out what’s special?

  • The city of Bikaner is specially asked for its mouth watering deserts. Among many what is ranked first in the Rajasthani dishes is legendary and traditional Dal Baati Churma. It is enjoyed after dipping it in pure ghee. It is equally full of taste and even healthy too.
  • Some of the famous dished includes the famous Lapsi. It is well prepared which with broken wheat sautéed in ghee and sweetened by jaggery or sugar. The medieval style feast with traditional varieties still dominates the menu in Rajasthan
  • Most of the food stuffs of the city are dominated by pure ghee. It is obvious that most of the diet conscious people may to appreciate it therefore, you can ask your Wedding Event Planners to suggest other delicious menu that may be fit to your guest and your pocket too.

If you are planning to go for wedding then come to Bikaner to get all royal treatment in your marriage with best Event Management Company then Contact us.