Completing the Traditions of Wedding with Ghori, Baggi and Palki

Palki mei hoke sawar chali re, mai toh apne saajan ke dwar chali re’ you remember this Bollywood song that perfectly describes the true Indian wedding, in which the bride is desperate to go to her groom’s house in a traditional chariot which is lifted by four men, called as Palki. Well, when we describe the Indian wedding then there are few descriptions that come from within like Palki, Ghodi and Baggi. These are the traditional vehicles specially meant for the bride and groom to enter and exit the wedding ceremony.

As the day of wedding is the most important occasion for both, hence they are not supposed to put their feet on the ground and hence are provided with special vehicle to commute the same. Though these modes of commuting during the wedding is really old and traditional but as old things are always the best, hence brides and grooms are still implementing these ideas in their wedding to make it the memorable one.

Of course, the traditional chariot of Baggi and Palki is replaced with vibrant and flower decorated ones but still it is keeping alive the theme and traditions of Indian wedding. If you are also looking forward to have the same in your wedding then you really need not to give a second thought for the same because we are there to arrange and organize it for you and perfectly as per your expectations.

Perfect Way Out to Make Entry and Exit from the Ceremony

  • Decorated Palki with Traditional Touch
  • Baggi Decorated with Fresh Flowers
  • Ghoriwala for Groom for Memorable Entry
  • Special Arrangement for bridesmaids
  • Option of Customization also Available

Of course, you have the best options and choices to make the wedding ceremonies of yours the best and by appointing us for the same, you can make it the memorable one.