Innovative Ideas For Your Wedding Card

wedding cards

The wedding bells have started ringing and you have a truckload of work to execute. Have you made the things to do list yet? What’s the first thing you are going to do? Of course the invitation. Make sure that you are inviting all your close friends, relatives, co-workers and other people whom you want to witness your grand wedding. Start inviting people with have sufficient time at your hand and try to make the invitation card a bit off bit. Here are some ideas for invitation cards.

Puzzle wedding card

Wedding cards are not meant to be the same type everytime. The symmetrical, red colored folding cards have ruled for decades and now it is time for the change. Make the wedding card in jigsaw puzzle type. It will really be a fun for people to find the pieces of the puzzle and placing them in right place. They will be able to read every details of your wedding ceremony only by solving this puzzle.

Origami wedding card

Wanna try something really quirky? Get an origami wedding card. It will be a fun game for people to unravel the wedding card to know the details of the program.

CD type card

Sending a normal paper made card with an envelope is too mainstream. Your wedding invitation should be memorable. Try to make the invitation in a form of short-film and get your name imprinted on the CD.

Doodle art card

Are you an art lover? You like doodle? You can put all the details about your wedding ceremony in a story board format with using the doodle art. Isn’t it interesting? Just get a wedding invitation card like this and surprise people. You can opt for other illustrations too.

3 dimensional card

While opening the fold of wedding invitation card, there will be 3D figures or motifs made with papers and that will really be surprising.

Box invitation card

The box shaped invitation cards are simply unmatched and they complete the big fat Indian wedding. While opening the lid you actually can feel the great combination of tradition and art the card is carrying within. This will be a good choice for you.

Painting card

Take your love for painting to the next level and make your wedding invitation card look like a water color painting. This will make your card unique.

So get rid of the stereotypical ideas of wedding invitations and try your hands on something new and out of the box ideas. You can plan it on your own and also ask for some help to the events and wedding planners.

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