International Destination Italy

Italy – The Most Romantic Place for Destination Wedding

If you decide to have your fairytale wedding in Italy the most and oldest romantic city then Brew Brake Events will serve you as your perfect Destination Wedding Planner in Italy. With our composed and systematic approach to make our tailor made plan executed according to your needs and desires.

It is very evident facet that if you are in foreign land you are definitely going to seek a lot of helps to plan it which is most of the time served either partially or not perfectly. Such only money monger planners are plenty in number but only professional Wedding Planners like Brew Bakes Events in Italy ‘ is the only professional and experienced team to make all the arrangements for you.

As the day you hire us for planning your wedding we tend to put our all efforts to serve you best. Right from the start of the wedding ceremony with designer invitation cards, selecting for perfect venue and theme decoration, bachelor and cocktail party, wedding rituals, wedding dresses, guest hospitality and entertainment to the catering extraordinary culinary food junction, and Wedding Photography and all the action everything in between.

So How do we Create your Perfect Wedding Day?

  • Once the couple chooses Italy the one place for their destination wedding, we offer with best region of Italy that will suit to your desire and budget.  It may be famous city such as Florence or Rome, a famous town like San Gimignano, on the beach at Positano, or in a villa in the glorious Le Marche region. Just select the one and rest is our part of job.
  • Our team will ask for wedding venue of your choice or otherwise most of the time they do find it for you. Also, perhaps they suggest a range of venues to you to select from that widely includes hiring a villa, town hall, castle or beach.
  • Wedding decorator of Brew Bakes Events will then showcase prominent wedding theme to select the one you like for your wedding. Additionally, they will make some change as per your wish we shall enrich you with the same.
  • We are termed to ensure all the essential credentials and ask the couples to check them specifically if they need evidence of other successful weddings organized by us Corporate Wedding Planner in Italy.
  • We deeply sense the emotion you are connected with your wedding date so before heading to the big day, we serve an option to the couples to go and visit the venue. As responsible Wedding Organizers in Italy we offer the couples to even taste the food crusine while visiting the decorators and hospitality services. Thus, to make them feel that no issues are left to cover by us and we have rightly followed their thoughts.
  • We are answerable to all the questions as you like, and also, we make sure you shall speak to the planner in person apart from email.
  • Being a professional Wedding Planner in Italy, Brew Bakes Events will ensure their best service for your big day by holding a backup in case of any forbidden issue occur to the celebration. They will serve perfectly to make feel that your wedding is in safe hands and enjoy every bit of wedding celebration with your beloved, family and friends.

Famous Venues for Destination Wedding in Italy:

  • Hotel San Cassiano
  • CaFavretto
  • Ca Dei Conti
  • Hotel Metropole
  • Hotel Centurion Palace

So, hire only the Top Destination Wedding Planner in Italy like you can choose to celebrate your festivity from visiting to Italy to getting wedded and returning to your native place.