Jaimala Concepts

Are you looking for unique and spectacular Jaimala concepts for your wedding or wedding of your relative ones? If yes then your search ends here. We at Brewbakes Events & Weddings can offer you unique and fabulous Jaimala concepts to make the special moment of special day very memorable.

A wedding is incomplete unless Jaimala or Varmala ceremony is complete. Jaimala, sometimes also referred as Varmala, is one of the most integral parts of Indian wedding ceremonies. It is when the groom garlands his bride a beautiful Jaimala made of very special flowers and then the bride also garlands Varmala to the most special man of her life. It becomes a very special and one of most memorable moments of life for couple and they always wish to have their Jaimala or Varmala ceremony in most unique and special ways sot that they can cherish the special moment of their special day for a lifetime.

The influence of Bollywood is widespread in our country. Grand wedding scenes with lavish setups often attract common people and people wish to fulfill their weddings in similar fashion. Various Jaimala themes can be opted from Bollywood. If you are interested in theme based Jaimala ceremony then we can significantly help you out there. Our services include Jaimala state setup, flower decoration, music & light arrangement, groom special entry, bride special entry, female anchor, palki arrangement, sound setup, makeup, etc.

We are committed to make your Jaimala ceremony like no other. Brewbakes Events & Weddings ensures to create a personalized Jaimala theme for your special day.