Tips for Hiring the Best Event Planner

Whether it is a corporate event, promotional event or, in house party planning the whole program and arranging everything on your own is really difficult. The events should be conducted flawlessly because the events you are arranging are going to represent your image and if you are thinking that DIY formulas are not enough to do the herculean task, just hire an event planner. Event management companies are mushrooming everywhere these days ,but how to find the best one for your programs? There are variables to consider while selecting the event planner and they are event objectives, budget etc. Here is a small guideline for you to hire the best event planner :

Research a lot

No matter how big is your city or town. Research about all the event management companies in your locality at least. Search on the Internet and ask for recommendation to your friends and relatives. After enlisting the name of the event companies, get the details about them. Such as their experience, reputation, registration and the record of their service history. If you find that the company is reliable and serving people well over years, then you can hire them.


One should set the objectives first. Jot down your or your company’s goals first which they want to fulfill through this event. What type of event planner should be hired that completely depends on the purpose of the event. Event management companies can be small or large in size, and their members can either be well experienced or in experienced. If you are arranging a small house party then, it can be accomplished by any small start up event company, but in case of corporate parties, promotional events where a large number of guests are invited, then you have to hire a renowned and well experienced company.


Based on the event objectives, it is possible to create a general sense how much it will cost for various elements of your program. So make a budget first. Discuss every details of your event with your planner. An ideal planner will take what budget you present them an turn into something magical. There might be little changes in the budget if needed. It is important for you to ask the charges of the event planners and how it will be covered and incorporated into the over all budget. The charges vary from planner to planner and event company to event company.

Check them with references

You have to check them with their references. While talking to the event planners please ask them that if they are going to take care of the guests? Do they respond to the calls, emails quickly?If they have any suggestion for good food vendors? How they handle crisis during the events? If their answers satisfy you, then you can hire them.

Sign the contract

You have to make sure that the money you are investing is not going in vain. Your event should be successful and to do that sign a contract. Yes! Mouth spoken words are not enough. While dealing with the event management company the contract papers should include the budget, the payment details and most importantly the plans and program how you have decided for your event. Make them sign on the papers. In case they don’t execute the event as per your demands you can use your contract to hold your accountable.

As now you have the basic idea of hiring the event planners, you can hire the best event planners as per your need. There are various renowned event planners out in the market. Take help from the Internet and connect to them.

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